mobile invoice

Mobile Invoicing on the go

Invoices your customers in seconds on the go, designed for the logistic industry thinking in the delivery process, now you can generate easiest invoicing in anywhere.

It is a robust solution designed for work in the street, which allows you to invoice at the moment that you deliver the merchandise or freight

Access on mobile an web, manage your invoicing from any device, the easiest way to have your finances controlled,manage electronic invoice, payments, customers, products and sales reports, are very easy.

  Our capabilities

  • Mobile Invoicing
  • Mobile Electronic Invoicing
  • Electronic receipts
  • Send Invoice PDF or Print
  • Customer Management
  • Product Management
  • Payment Management
  • Sales report
  • Factura Electr├│nica UY
  • Homologada DGI
  • Print Invoice in a Mobil Printer