About us

We have developed the habit of being very efficient in what we do.

Inntegra was founded with the goal of providing efficient technology solutions to ordinary problems by two young and experienced men that believe that innovation and technology can help business grow and develop digitally.

Todo el equipo está formado por miembros que comparten la pasión por la tecnología, el espíritu empresarial y nuestros valores, con una vocación por la innovación y la mejora continua.

Our goal is to innovate in the logistics industry with intelligent processes as part of the supply chain, last mile and extra mile.


They share a vocation for the service and pasion for the technology, together have more than 20 years in developing solutions for logistic industry and business process.

The combination of experience in solutions for business, managing proyect int the retail and logistics, seekers of perfection and simplicity for the best user experience, results in inovative software techonology.